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Fully Managed Services Process

Our Fully Managed Services mean that you won’t have to worry about a thing. You can come to us with an idea only, and we’ll take it through the software development life cycle to deliver a fully functioning solution.



Team Units

We split our tech experts into Team Units, each fully capable of delivering software end-to-end. This helps the teams scale easily and be flexible while our clients don’t have to pay for unnecessary resources.

Tools we use


Project Management

Your project will be in good, Scrum-certified hands. Our PMs make sure the team works like a well-oiled mechanism and you get regular updates on the project. Agile, Waterfall, JIRA, MURAL — you name it, we’ve mastered them all!

WebileApps follows its proprietary GAP and EP processes for all projects.

Tools we use

Our Process in Detail


GAP — Discovery and Design

We launch the Growth Acceleration Program (GAP) when a client has a product idea and needs help with discovery, design, planning, and deployment.






Why we do it

Deeper understanding of the project

User requirements analysis

Input to our Engineering Program (EP)

Tools we use


Our Pathway in GAP

In close cooperation with the client, we establish the exact scope and requirements of the software we’re going to create — all thanks to an iterative and interactive process.


Project Design Document

Agile Project Plan

Prototype Design in Figma

Tools we use


Engineering Program

The Engineering Program (EP) usually follows our GAP or is offered as an independent service. We like to start projects with a single Team Unit, adding and augmenting them when necessary.

WebileApps specializes in the Agile development model, where input from the GAP stage is broken down into epics and stories. Each is then assigned to the backlog, where sprint planning happens.

Tools we use


CI/CD, DevOps

Contrary to popular belief, development doesn’t consume most of the product life cycle timeline — it’s deploying, maintaining, scaling, and securing the product that takes the crown. Even small changes to a stable product must go through regression testing, pass multiple test cases, and move between different environments before the release.

We’re painfully aware of that, so WebileApps has been investing in automation and cloud-first services since day one. And now, this investment has paid off, with both our products operating in the PaaS paradigm.

Our tools include an in-house source management system based on GitLab and build servers for CI/CD automation that automate regression testing workflows.

Tools we use


Support & Maintenance

WebileApps provides customers with the flexibility to choose from multiple Support packages. Post-production support of the first sprint is free, and after that, clients select the support model of their choice. A dedicated support team is in place to handle various S&M scenarios.


This is an add-on to the Keeping the lights on plan. ny feedback from customers or new requirements that might not need an entire team will be handled in this phase.


The primary goal of this phase is the stabilization of the new product, where all bugs that arise are addressed at the earliest


Infrastructure optimization to scale up or down based on application usage.

Data Maintenance

activities such as Periodic backup of database and other user data, monitoring and optimizing database performance.

Server Alerts

Configuration of Server Alerts

Software Updates

Software updates are undertaken to replace outdated or vulnerable software.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing of the entire application every two weeks